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Posted on 2011.10.20 at 02:54
Ya know, scientists and their studies say memory doesn't really develop until 3 or 4 years of age. Well, just tonight, in fact, about 3 minutes ago, I listened to Paul Simon's 1975 hit, "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover". I've heard this before, on many occasions but I never really LISTENED to it. Tonight, some of the phrases stuck out. They are, "Just slip out the back Jack," "Make a plan Stan," "You don't need to be coy Roy," "Hop on the bus Gus," "Just drop off the key Lee, and get yourself free".... I REMEMBER those phrases and I REMEMBER those phrases from a song. It's a strong memory, one of my earliest with my dad. It's soooo strong because for years as a very young child I would try to reuse them anytime I was with my dad. So now, as an adult, listening with new ears, and the song title that I never could've known as a 3.5 year old in 1975, I'm wondering if this was my dad's "goodbye" song, or was it his "independence" song, or was it something else altogether, just a popular song from that year. No matter what it was, for me, it's the reassurance that at least one of my parents saw their separation as a stepping stone to better things to come. It would've hurt back then (had I been older) to think of it like that, but today, I get it. Thanks Paul Simon. thank you for whatever you may have done back then, and thank you for what you did tonight. I love music.


From www.freemuslims.org

Posted on 2007.06.02 at 19:07
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"A recent survey by the Pew Research Center about American Muslims was received favorably
by many Muslims and apprehensively by many non-Muslims.

The surveys revealed that more than 80% of American Muslims blend comfortably into
American society and that they have a broad willingness to adopt American customs, work
ethics and are generally optimistic about America. It also revealed an American Muslim
population that is religious, diverse, socially conservative and politically liberal.
Nearly eight in ten U.S. Muslims say they are either happy or "very happy." They
believe Muslims coming to the United States should try to adopt American customs rather
than separating from the larger society.

The study also revealed that two percent of young Muslims under 30 believe that suicide
bombings to defend their religion can often be justified while 13 percent of those under
30 believe that suicide attacks to defend their religion can sometimes be justified.
Moreover, the study revealed that five percent expressed "even somewhat favorable"
opinions of al-Qaida. Not surprisingly, some Muslims and many non-Muslims were
concerned by this revelation. The New York Post went as far as editorializing "TIME

So why do many American Muslims appear less concerned with the minority and instead are
focusing on the 87% of Muslims who condemn suicide bombings? One reason is that many
Muslim groups feel vindicated or affirmed since they have always asserted that the
majority of American Muslims assimilate easily, are law abiding, and peace loving.
Moreover, Muslim groups believe that those who recognize exceptions to Islam's
prohibition against suicide do not pose an immanent threat because those young people
were responding to a theoretical question about the emotional issue of protecting their
religion. Muslim groups argue that those who justify suicide bombings are incorrectly
interpreting Islam and that they can be reeducated about the issue of suicide bombings.

Assuming Muslim groups are correct in their analysis of the poll, and they maybe, one
must ask why is it that there are any Muslims who would justify suicide bombings in the
name of Islam when Islam has always had a clear prohibition against suicide?

The answer is that the minority of Muslims who justify suicide bombings evolved from a
recent trend in which some Islamic political movements and leaders began sending mixed
messages about the use of suicide military operations. Over the last 20 years, some
Muslim leaders have sanctioned suicide military operations when they believed that a
particular cause is just but rejected suicide as un-Islamic in other instances. To get
around the Koran's prohibition against suicide some Islamic leaders repackaged suicide
bombings by calling them martyrdom operations and argued that such tactics are similar
to "a mission impossible," that has been used by modern militaries for centuries.
Moreover, they argue that in a war where the "oppressor" possesses superior military
capabilities, martyrdom operations are essential. Further, they argue that since the
goal of the Muslim soldier is not to kill himself but to defend himself against an enemy
who is trying to kill him or steal his property, martyrdom operations do not constitute

These arguments were given prominence in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict by prominent
Islamic personalities who provided moral cover for HAMAS in its use of suicide bombings
against Israel based on Israel's alleged persecution of the Palestinians and Israel's
military superiority.

So what to do now? For the benefit of the American Muslim communities and the world at
large, Muslim leaders must use theological arguments to discredit and condemn those who
selectively justify suicide bombings. It is dangerous to argue that suicide bombings are
wrong in most instances and justify them when the intended target is seen as an
oppressor. All evidence indicates that those who commit suicide military operations
believe that they are fighting for a just cause. If societies made exceptions for the
select use of suicide when the target is an "oppressor" then other groups may want an
exception for their "just cause" or "oppressor" who maybe a Muslim.

Muslim religious leaders must be making clear that suicide bombings are wrong in all
instances and when they do they must include the "I" word (Israel). This is important
because most Muslims are passionate about the belief that Israel is an oppressor and it
is because of these deep emotions about Israel that Muslim leaders must specifically
mention Israel by name when condemning suicide bombings."

Although I commend the Free Muslim Coalition for most of their positions, and for speaking out so vehemently and publicly against suicide operations, I must count myself among the many Americans who worry about the 13% who feel it's OK. WTF??


End of an era....

Posted on 2007.03.25 at 09:14
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Ding dong the witch is dead!!! We held the retirement/going away luncheon for my evil boss. I've never seen one person affect so many in such a negative way before. There is literally only one person in the office out of 13 that isn't overly grateful for her departure. Things are already looking up but she doesn't actually fly until 16 April so I'm gonna chill out until then.


Things I hate...

Posted on 2007.02.28 at 22:46
1. Being disappointed


how will i die?

Posted on 2006.12.28 at 00:24
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Honestly, who hasn't asked themseves this question? I mean, seriously, for me, this is a huge question. I eat very poorly... my cholesterol levels have been "very high" for close to a decade now, I have a very bad diet and at my last two physicals I've had high blood pressure. I drink entirely too much... to the point where now admitted alcoholics say, that Adam can DRINK !!! On top of that I really only workout when required by my job and as if that weren't enough... I spend a great deal of time traveling between locations that are incredibly dangerous!

Seriously, think about it! When, or why for that matter, would you EVER travel around Iraq in an unarmored car, two white guys, doing whatever they want and getting away with it in this day and age? WTF am I thinking? So, as we near the end of yet another gracious and "wonderful" year, I wonder... how will I die? I imagine all sorts of nasty disasters and yet I still believe that it will be something as horrid and unforgiving as old age. Not very romantic I grant you, but very realistic.

I'm not sure why I'm asking this now... but it feels right. Ive never asked it before, probably wont ever again, but it now feels appropriate. It feels, right. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right... I really hope I am right, but the point of the matter is... NO ONE KNOWS!! You just die one day.

I really dont know why this is on my mind lately, but it is.



Posted on 2006.09.10 at 09:34
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Stressful days have passed. I dont want to get into the details for personal reasons but it looks like the kids will come and live with Kaytee and I this Christmas for about 18 months or so. It will be challenging and it's going to take a lot of preparation but I'm excited, and nervous. So is Kaytee but she's really looking forward to it and for the chance to be a "mom". She's even talking details about food, homework and cutting back hours at work to be there for the kids after school and stuff. She's awesome. More details later in a private post.


Thinking of you...

Posted on 2006.08.14 at 18:31
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Current Music: Robbie Williams
Know no fear I'll still be here tomorrow
Bend my ear I'm not gonna go away
You are love so why do you shed a tear
Know no fear you will see heaven from here

I'll shelter you, make it alright to cry
And you'll help too cuz the faith in myself has run dry
We are love, and I just wanna hold you near
Know no fear we will see heaven from here

I see real love in your eyes
And it fills me up when you start to cry

I just wanna hold you near
We will see heaven from here

Well it all seems out of reach
I will take the blame if it keeps the peace
My shelf life's short
Wish they'd make it more easy to follow
And I've been caught with nothing but love on my mind
We are love don't let it fall on deaf ears
Now it's clear we have seen heaven from here


Jumping on the bandwagon...

Posted on 2006.07.23 at 10:42
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DisorderYour Score
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Postpartum Depression:N/A
Take the Depression Test


Now you too can be a butthead...

Posted on 2006.07.12 at 18:20
Current Mood: amusedamused
Just follow this link http://www.freespeed.de/flash-filme/zidane.html and be just like French World Cup player Zidane!!!


Ive decided...

Posted on 2006.07.10 at 18:09
Current Mood: crappycrappy
that exercising sucks.

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